“I need to tell the pagan community about Nornoriel, aka Sebastian Lokason.”

A post by da-at-ass on tumblr about a person here on WordPress has been going around. Da-at has said that it is okay to post the part of his post before the truncated “read more” so long as we link back to the rest of the post, as he is interested in spreading word about Nornoriel.

“So I’m gonna.

I and my friend/roommate Tif met Nornoriel in late 2013. Via a series of unfortunate events he ended up befriending us; he then moved into our house in January 2014. He broke enough house rules by April that we decided not to renew his yearly lease, after which he moved out in December 2014. From Dec 2013 to about April 2014, he was constantly oversharing with Tif and I, and that is why I am in the position to warn you about him. I realize he’s left tumblr, but he’s still repeating the same manipulative patterns from 2014 eleven months after he moved out of my house, so I’m finally gonna speak on this so that I can warn the community about him and others like him. If you’re looking for my credentials as to why I should be listened to about astral and magical stuff, feel free to look at my work at @merkavahpartyvan and decide for yourself.

Back in June I got this ask in my inbox:

I was recently abused by someone very well respected in the Tumblr pagan community and I am struggling to even get back on my feet after it. Is there anyway I can make sure that person doesn’t harm anyone else? B they’re respected but no one believes me that they’re being abusive and controlling.

Of course, I wanted to help you out, anon. I’m only now, 11 months after Nornoriel finally left my house, talking about this stuff publicly. It has taken that long to settle with things, to be sure of them, and to move on. I don’t even necessarily suggest full public disclosure as a part of recovery, I just recognize that in my case it is impossible to move on unless I share what happened with the public. I am not going to be at peace with myself until I do. And anon, I’m not sure if you’ll find this whole post to be an adequate response. I don’t myself. I will keep focusing on these general issues in the pagan community and I will write more pagan abuse resources for people like you and I who need them, and further down the line I will be able to write a post about how to cope with this stuff and move on from it, and how to rebuild a sense of trust in other people after things like this happen. I will say, as I privately shared my story, friends believed what I said and did not attack me for it. I expected disbelief and anger, and got none of it. I hope you find that same support, and if not, my inbox is open and I’ll keep it private.

A summary:

  • Nornoriel is hiding crucial information from the public about the religion he is trying to get people to learn about or convert to, information that completely changes the context of the religion.
  • Nornoriel lied to us about a lot of things and lies to the public about them as well or obfuscates them.
  • Nornoriel’s claims about spirits and other entities often proved untrustworthy.
  • Nornoriel bullied and verbally abused us in our own home and destroyed property.
  • Nornoriel gaslit us to further his own spirit romance narrative.
  • Nornoriel took our own observations of our own astral and spiritual experiences and parroted details from them to claim he was having similar experiences. He still does so.
  • Nornoriel has written articles and used information and attributions specifically from us that could come from no other sources and claimed they were his own conclusions and attributions.
  • Nornoriel vagueposts about what happened in our house to villainize us and make himself out to be a martyr towards his readership.

Everything else is going beneath the cut because this is fucking huge. There isan offsite version here on Pastebin if for some reason the read more link ever stops working. Also, for a record, a huge amount of this is about Tif and I’s personal experiences because, well, it’s what we experienced. I wish I could be more detached and also I wish I had a simpler story for you, but in the end I decided to just say what happened and let the public decide if they wanted to deal with Nornoriel / Sebastian Lokason any longer. Since he still actively markets his services to new magic users and pagans and he is still repeating his patterns from when he lived in our house, I can’t really NOT disclose these things, especially when it comes to the big issue with his Vanatru religion. If you have questions, uh… well I’ll answer what I’m comfortable with, and I’ll try to let people know if I can’t answer certain things. Also, if I go quiet on tumblr after this, it’s because I’m taking a break from things for a few days. I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

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Desh’s List O tumblr Kemetics

Many of the urls on this list may no longer be accurate

Anonymous Asked: Got any good tips/resources for starting to work with Thoth?

Oh boy alrighty then. So first and foremost, realize that he is a trickster god. If you look at his myths, my gods he is a tricky bastard. I’ve talked about it before and I’ll link you to where you can find it at the end of this. He can get downright mean and nasty. I’m not saying don’t work with him, but do realize that yes, he can be a bag of dicks. I have seen him be a bag of dicks to people. When he does that I usually try to get him to leave them alone. However, for his people, he’s pretty great. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him be a bag of dicks to any one of us that puts him first and foremost as our main god/one of our main gods. (there’s a couple of us) I think this might be because, while a lot of people approach him, it’s usually just for help with writing. Like, a lot of people mention, “Oh yeah gonna ask Thoth for help with writing” as if that’s all he is. I think this is why he clings so much to those of us that set him up first, writing be damned (or maybe some do work on writing. I dunno, it’s not really a priority of mine, personally).

He has a weird sense of humor. He also likes to fling books at peoples heads (he’s done it to me and msarano. I’m sure there’s others he’s done it to). Me and several other people that work with him, plus everyone I’ve ever known that’s had contact with him/given him offerings can attest to the fact that he LOVES tea. Especially good quality chai (which I know just means tea, I’m using it to differentiate the type of tea from say, a green tea). Like, I think he’s got a serious addiction to the stuff. I find, personally, that he likes loopholes. A lot. And general thinky things that involve trickery.

So far as resources…. There is the ever wonderful HENADOLOGY, which is one of the best online resources we have, as well as THIS site, which also has good info. There is also my DJEHUTY tag, which has some stuff and things on him. I’ve kinda been working on filling it out. (Djehuty being his Kemetic name, as Thoth is his greek name.)

Now, for book recommendations, I actually just asked around for good book recommendations. While I have not read them all (I haven’t read most of them, actually. Only one on the list and I’m still getting through that one) they have all been recommended to me by people that I can guarantee know what their talking about. Books to read are:

  • Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods by Dmitri and Christine Meeks
  • Thoth: The Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom by Lee Jackson is good, except she tends to be kinda heavy on the whole “GODS WOULD NEVER DO NOT SO NICE THINGS!”
  • The Gods of Ancient Egypt by Claude Traunecker
  • Thoth, the Hermes of Egypt by Patrick Boylan is said to have some good stuff

I hope this helps you, Anon!

Anonymous Asked: Helllllooooooo there! Im a bit curious, what is Thoth like in terms of personality? All the people Ive seen talking about Him either hate His guts or love Him.

So… For me he’s pretty great, even if he’s a bit of a pain sometimes. However, he can be a real bag of dicks to people. He can be manipulative and pushy and just a real asshole. In his myths, he’s pretty mean, too. I mean, he steals offerings from Ra then when Babi tries to bring Thoth to justice, Thoth uses his ability to talk himself out of anything to get Babi in trouble. Despite Babi’s claims being true.

For me, however, he’s more of a mischievous butt. He gets into things and makes weird comments (though I’ve seen him show his darkerside in my presence to others, but never to me). So I guess it depends on who you talk to. I mean, for some people he’s pretty great, and for others he’s not. I recognize that while he’s awesome with me, he’s not to others, and I don’t try to hide that. I warn people about it.

So I guess if you wanna start working with him, be careful, because you could get his nasty side. But don’t forget he can also be very charming. And all gods have their nasty sides.

Anonymous Asked: How did you start working with Thoth?

It’s story time with Desh!

So once upon a time I was super fluffy and love and light-y and all that junk, right? So then around the fall of 2011, I started trying to find my “Patron God or Goddess” (a term I no longer use, BTW. Also I was really just trying to find a goddess.) SO one day, I see some sort of water fowl just kinda hanging out in this field. Nowhere near water. In the middle of the desert. Like, the fuck was it doing there?

Time passed on and Beaky is sending me shit left and right and I’m like, “OMG WHO IS THIS? NAHHH COULDN’T BE HIM PLUS I MEAN I’M ‘SPOSED TO FIND A GODDESS FIRRSSSTTTT” and then I figured out NOPE it’s The Beakster. This was November-ish of 2011.

Then I kinda went through this fallow time for a month or so and Beaky was quiet…. But then comes this ostara pagan fair in 2012 and SUDDENLY BEAKY APPEARS AGAIN LIKE REALLY SUPER STRONG and he made me hunt down this pendant (that is my main devotional jewelry, btw) but was being a total pain in my ass about it.

He slowly nudged me to become less fluffy and love-n-lighty and started pushing me to be more recon/revivalisty. Then last summerish I got thrown at kemetic orthodoxy which then led me to other people that were recon-oriented and yeah. Stuff and things.

I wrote about it HERE, as well.

Anonymous Asked: I think I want to start working with Thoth, what would be a good way to approach Him? Also, what first drew you to Him, if you dont mind me asking?

So a UPG (unverified personal gnosis) of mine seems to have turned full blown SPG (shared personal gnosis). Chai. It seems to be his calling card. Ask anyone that has ever taken my advice to offer it to him, he shows up and happily partakes in the offering.

I would highly recommend you check out the DJEHUTY tag of my blog, as I answer a lot of questions about him and tag them in there! However for more specific links are as follows…







Some things that may not be apparent at first. Thoth=Djehuty=The Ibis=Beaky=The Beakster=Djehoots

Thoth is his Greek name, Djehuty is his Kemetic name, The Ibis is an epithet of his, and Beaky is a shortening of his epithet “Beaky-One.” The Beakster is derived from Beaky. Djehoots is just me being silly with his kemetic name.

Never Trust an Ibis

So today we’re going to be talking about how Desh found Kemeticism. Or more accurately named, “How Beaky is a troll and shoved Desh into kemeticism headfirst.”

I’ve always loved Ancient Egypt (AE from here on out). AE has been one of my life’s passions. So much that, despite my wanting to be an astronaut eventually evolving int wanting to do astro-physics, my lifelong dream of being an Egyptologist has always remained constant.

I first got into the pagan scene when I was 12. It was 7th grade and a friend of mine and I “discovered wicca” together. The first “circle” we ever cast, I invoked Isis and Osirus as my god and goddess. Now, fast forward several years after Lisa and I stopped being friends, through all the years of me apathetically claiming to be wiccan and pagan. The fall after I graduated high school. I met this friend (MY-DEAREST-WATSON, I’m looking at you) during my first day of college. She and I hit it off immediately. Part of what bonded us? She had purple hair and a pentacle. I started to get back into the whole paganism thing, not just apathetically claiming I was.

Valorie and I started to search for our “patron” (totally NOT in the Greek sense) gods (because we were under the assumption that we HAD to have a patron god and goddess). I did a lot of searching and a lot of looking. At first, I was really hoping for Norse or Greek gods. After all that time, I had forgotten that the Egyptian gods could totally be worshipped too, since I never saw anyone doing it.

Queue Djehuty coming into my life. He did a lot of really weird and strange things, from inexplicable water fowl in the desert to suddenly coming across quite a lot of books about AE. Around November of that year, I started to really accept that Beaky had staked His claim. But oh my, working with a trickster god that likes knowledge is not easy.

Slowly, Beaky started pushing me  to  more and more recon groups. He made me try to contact temples (there’s a local one here called the Temple of Ptah or some shit, but they never answered me back). He rode my ass to make me go volunteer at the library. At which point He flung every book on AE in the library into my path. And when I tried to avoid it? He dropped an entire bookshelf of books about AE on my head.

Beaky was persistent, but He finally let up when I found KO. I suppose you could say KO was my breaking into the kemetic scene. From there, I was able to find more kemetics, I was able to expand upon my knowledge. I don’t think my spirituality would be what it is today if a certain beaky god had never waltzed into my life and made an absolute nuisance of Himself.